Oil spills are a very dangerous occurrence for the marine ecosystem is affected and the marine life-forms’ existence gets unnecessarily threatened. Since exploration of oil from oceanic resources has become a must and oil spills end up occurring accidentally, as a result, it becomes important to employ various oil spill cleanup methods.

There are different methodologies that can be adopted for the purpose of cleaning up oil spills. Some of the few important and commonly used methods can be explained as follows:

1. Using Oil Booms

Oil booms are a very popular method of controlling oil spills. There are various kinds of oil booms that have been designed for various areas where the oil spillage might occur, leading to a quite thorough oil spill cleanup.

2. Using Sorbents

Sorbents mean sponges that are placed on the surface of the spillage affected area. These sorbents suck and absorb the oil from the surface of the how to get oil out of water leading to an oil spill cleanup.