Keeping It Smoke Free

Asking those who smoke to not smoke for a prolonged period of time is about the same as asking a child not to be curious about their surroundings. No matter how many no smoking signs you out up throughout the buildings, it doesn’t change the fact that those of us who need to light one up ever few hours is just going to sit put; the only thing you’re doing is restricting the areas in which they can smoke, and that can backfire.

A lot of offices don’t have their own smoking zones, so this forces employees to go and smoke in the fire escape or bathrooms, both of which are poorly ventilated areas. What happens then is that these places become smoke boxes when the person who smokes is still in them (let’s be honest, we like smoking in groups so there’s more smoke) and when they leave, at least half that smoke comes flooding into the air.

The thing about cigarette smoke is that it’s not that bad at first but if it’s left in a poorly ventilated area for long enough, it can get stale and really start to reek up the place – even smokers don’t find it pleasant at this rate. So, what does one do when there’s stale cigarette smoke reeking up the place? Well, the smart things to do would be to get the best air purifier for cigarette smoke removal for the office so that this smoke gets taken care of before it even has the chance to spread and get stale.

Having an air purifier in the building isn’t just going to come in handy when someone is smoking, you know, it just keeps the air fresher anyways so it’s a great thing to have in any office or even at home.

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