Saving Animals in Need

The internet is full of videos of animal rescues almost every single day ranging from the UPS driver who willingly jumped into ice cold water to save a dog that was drowning, to people running across high traffic zones in order to save a cat or dog that might be too terrified too move and at risk of getting hit and so on. These are all heroes that are present among us, and we cannot help but feel proud and happy every time we come across such posts and videos.

Now, if anything, you should start looking into the same heroic work yourself. You do not really need a cape to be a hero, anyone can step in and save a poor animal in need. A lot of times we do see strays or small dogs in the area and we do not stop to help them, and we give ourselves a bunch of excuses like someone else will save it, you have to go to work, and so on. In case you are still not inspired enough, check out an article on smatterist about how one Thai woman created a shelter for 200 dogs on her own.

This too is an ordinary woman. There is nothing special about her, and the same applies to us. You should start getting involved in different activities that help rescue and save dogs from the street. Some organizations require volunteers to help in different rescue missions or work as response units. Even if you do not want to be a part of that, the next time you see a poor dog that might look injured or in need of care, you should rescue the dog, and if you cannot keep the dog with you, then drop it off at a shelter and let someone find and take care of it from there.

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