The Only Painful Hair Removal Process – And The Do’s And Don’ts

In Laser Hair Removal, all the unnecessary hair is destroyed with their ability to grow back in unwanted places. In the procedure, all the work is done by a professional, you lie down comfortably and are given glasses to wear for protection of your eyes from the laser, the laser only hits on the areas where you want hair to be gone forever, it is the least painful method, and all you may feel is just a little bit of heat. All of the procedure is carried out in a well environment with extra care, you can read all about it at

What you should and shouldn’t do before and after Laser Hair Removal?


  1. Avoiding the sun for a week.
  2. Put sunscreen on daily (30+ recommended)
  3. Avoid tanning for a week.
  4. Exfoliate in the shower. Gently!


  1. Avoid hot showers, or sauna because the heat can be damaging to your skin after the removal.
  2. Avoid applying makeup and perfumes with alcohol in them.
  3. Do not indulge in activities that can increase your blood pressure, or the temperature of your body.
  4. Don’t pluck or wax your hair 3 weeks prior to the removal process.
  5. The area you want treated should not be dirty.
  6. Don’t go in the sun for a week before the removal process.
  7. If the area is tattooed, it can’t be treated.

After reading this, you now may know everything you need to about the Hair Removal process, So say goodbye to the world of painful waxing, plucking and sugaring and say hello to Laser Hair Removal and painless and much more effective and recommended method of Hair Removal.

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