We Just Found Out What Triggered The First Global Warming Event

Global warming has become a hot topic lately (no pun intended), people all across the world are concerned about how it will shape the future of our planets and what should we do in order to bring it under control. Unfortunately, a cast majority of us still are not ready to take global warming seriously, some people are even going as far as stating that it is a made up phenomenon. We have plenty of evidence that suggests that global warming is indeed a real thing and it is already having devastating impacts on our planet, and now, thanks to scientific research, we can get a pretty good idea of just how destructive global warming can be.

Scientists have found out that our planet has undergone global warming previously, approximately 440 million years ago, the world underwent temperature changes that resulted in mass extinctions across the planet, and the scariest part is that the temperature changes that we are dealing with right now are much more intense than what occurred 440 million years ago.

We now also know that what exactly triggered a global warming event millions of years ago; it was caused by a decrease in oxygen and increase in carbon dioxide in the environment. Animals started showing up on Earth around 540 million years ago, their sudden spread throughout the world’s oceans resulted in our atmosphere becoming unbalanced, according to scientists; Earth’s seabed started undergoing bioturbation, a process in which small lifeforms begin recycling dead organic material situated on the sea floor.

Around 520 million years ago, small lifeforms of all kinds started spreading rapidly in the then nutrient rich seafloors, they had an ample amount of nourishment that allowed them to multiply rapidly. As they fed on whatever the sea floor had to offer, they consumed oxygen and produced carbon dioxide in the process. Their activities led to the ratio of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere becoming disturbed, this, coupled with their rapid evolution resulted in a rapid increase in carbon dioxide, leading to a phenomenon that we call global warming.

Scientists managed to figure this out thanks to what data we already had on hand and a number of mathematical models that were crafted to identify and highlight all the related variables. Thanks to their efforts, we managed to figure out the leading cause behind several mass extinction events that took place back in that time period, and more importantly, we figured out that temperature rises millions of years ago were caused by factors that are present today as well.

We are on the brink of another global warming crisis thanks to the insane amount of carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) that we regularly pump into the atmosphere. Fortunately, it still is not too late for us, unlike the worm like creatures of pre-historic times, we have the ability to bring our excess emissions under control and prevent our atmosphere from falling apart.

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