Wedding Theme Selection Made Easy

A wedding is one of those days that just have to go perfectly and according to plan. This is why setting a wedding theme is a good idea. A theme can really bring the whole event together in a brand new light. However, setting a theme can be a little tricky as well. There’s so much to manage and plan for a wedding that thinking about a theme can seem like another challenge. However, setting a theme can actually make it easier to plan the rest of the event too.

Before you select a wedding theme, you need to consider the following things we’re listing down for you. These tips are a generalization that applies to every wedding in some way or the other. Without further ado, here’s what you need to be mindful of.

Colour Schemes

Think about what colour scheme you like seeing the most. You probably have a few colour combinations that you like seeing and maybe even wearing. Why not work with that and make it your wedding theme? You can get all your decorations according to this colour scheme.

The Venue

The place you choose to hold the wedding ceremony at can also really set the theme for the entire event. Think about how different a wedding on the beach is from a wedding in a cathedral. Get creative with where you want to get married and you’ll have an interesting and memorable theme right there.


The entire mood and feel of a wedding can greatly change with the season that the event is held in. You can use the season as a secondary theme as well. Let’s say that you’ve chosen a colour scheme that you’d like on your wedding day, what you can do next is to hold the ceremony on a season that follows the colour scheme.

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