You Can Invest in Penny Stocks, But Should You?

Before we get into the matter of whether or not penny stocks are a safe investment, let’s first have you take a moment and think about some of the biggest companies you know of. You might be thinking about Apple, maybe you thought Google? Maybe Coca-Cola came to your mind first, maybe Volkswagen? The point is that there are indeed giant enterprises out there and they all have one thing in common – they all started small somewhere.

Naturally, it follows that since these corporate giants all began small, it makes sense to say that one should have more faith in small companies and new businesses these days as well. There are many ways to support small aspiring businesses, you can both by from them and you can invest in them. The trouble with investing in penny stocks from small companies is that a lot of them are hyped up through lies. Yes, there are companies out there who new businesses can pay to hype up their stocks so someone buys them.

This is how penny stocks got their reputation as a fly trap for investors and you’ve probably heard this before you came to this page. Conversely, you might also have heard of certain people who made big profits just by investing in penny stocks. Was it their luck? Or were they doing something right while investing? If you do your homework about the business you’re going to invest in, you’ll have a better idea about whether or not you should be investing.

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