You’ll Want Metal Kards After This

Before you read this post of ours, you should be warned that this might make you rethink your entire business card strategy. This might even make you question if you even had a business card strategy in the first place. These days, handing out business cards is becoming more effective as a means of courtesy than it is as a means of business promotion – which is the intended purpose of these cards.

Your business cards can very easily get mixed up with so many others that your client might receive during their search for someone to do business with. There’s a limit to how many cards a person is willing to carry on them, which is why there’s a very real risk of your card being tossed out the moment you turn away. No one does this to spite you, but you don’t want them to throw your cards away to free space either.

If you get your business cards printed from Metal Kards, then the chances of your card ever being tossed away are very slim. A laser engraved card on a thin sheet of metal is much more premium and ‘valuable’ than a heavy paper card (that might have even cost more). If nothing else, whoever you hand this kind of a card to will want to keep it very nice and safe just because of how cool it looks – they might add it to their card books this way.

Asides from carrying more promise and unique value, Metal Kards are also much more durable than any kind of a paper card. No one’s going to accidentally have these reduced to a pulp in their laundry. They might even thank you for not having given them a paper card if it ends up in the laundry.

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